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Water Features Services Overview

Water features add a serene elegance to any yard and home. Whether it's a garden pond, water wall, showcase fountain or waterfall, the gentle flow of water can elevate your outside living space to the next level. As with all design, there can be a fine line between high style and style gone overboard. Our Backyard Escape will help tailor your design to compliment your property and fulfill your vision in a way that lends itself to grace and beauty. We know what it takes to complete water feature projects from simple to lavish, and how to incorporate them into your meticulously designed yard, home or garden. 

waterfall water feature feeding into pool

What To Expect With Our Water Feature Services

With over a decade experience in the Chippewa Valley area, Our Backyard Escape knows how to take your dream and transform it into a backyard oasis reality. With our team of experts you can count on custom to you water feature designs paired flawlessly with your home and yard, and an exacting attention to detail and responsive customer service. 

  • Expertly Crafted Designs- It is a point of pride to us that we design a water feature to suit your property and your vision. No two water features interact with a property in exactly the same way, and we're here to craft the perfect design for you.

  • Professional Customer Service- You are bound to have thoughts and concerns when you approach this job, and maybe even during the process. We are here to answer any questions you have and to create a design that responds to the concerns and desires you have for this project. 

  • Efficiency and Proficiency- No one wants a water feature that stops working a few days after the crew that installed it leaves, or a project that seems to take twice as long as it should have while costs stack up. Our Backyard Escape is dedicated to transparency with our customers, you will be able to see pictures of progress and know when our team is on site or not with our Customer Portal. Our teams are dedicated to finishing every project in an efficient manner so we can move to the next part of your project, not dragging their feet. 

Benefits Of Our Backyard Escape Water Features Design & Installation

Deciding what style of water feature and accents will perfectly fit your home and yard aesthetics can be a difficult task to approach on your own. Our team at Our Backyard Escape can help you navigate that difficult trail and find the right choices for your dream backyard space. 

  • Our Backyard Escape has years of experience and takes pride and care in our approach to this work, from the design stage to the installation stage, choosing us to fulfill your project grants you access to our pool of experienced team members who know how to create functional, beautiful living spaces for you to enjoy with friends and family. 

  • We know Wisconsin weather with all of its fickle turns, and we know how to build your water features to endure that weather and give you years of pleasure.

  • When our clients hire us for our Water Feature Design, Installation, and Landscaping it's because they want luxury in form and design surrounding their homes to elevate their yards and provide beauty consistent with their lifestyles. 

Request A Bid For Our Water Features Services

At Our Backyard Escape, our top priority is client satisfaction. We're proud to serve you and of the work we do. We look forward to crafting a custom water feature for your home or business. 

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