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Family Owned And Operated

Our Backyard Escape is a family-owned business. We began this company as a family and strive to keep our family values and focus front and center in all that we do. As our family continues to grow, so does our business. We believe that having a family focus as a business helps us to keep loyal and skilled team members with us so they can lend their expertise to your job, and it helps us to view your project as more than a price tag. Your outdoor living space is a place for family and friends to congregate and build bonds and memories. We value that experience and take great pride in being part of a project that will enrich your life. So let our family help make your family's life a little more luxurious and comfortable. 

Michael, Bryann and Brielle

Our Core Values


Some businesses are tempted to make things sound more difficult or expensive than they really are, just to drive up price or impress the client. That is not our policy, from top to bottom, our team members value honesty and integrity in their interactions with each other, and our customers. 

Be Fair

We strive to be fair in our dealings with each other, and our customers. We won't let our crews dawdle on a job to run up the rates, and we won't make our crews work in unreasonable conditions. Our objective always is to provide a win win situation for all parties involved.

Be Innovative

Stagnation is the death of many businesses, and we avoid that fate by always seeking new and better ways to accomplish our customers  goals. Just because something has always been done one way is no reason to think we might not find a better way that saves us effort, and you money! 

Be Passionate

Landscaping isn't just a job we wake up to and clock in for. This is our life's passion. Creating beautiful spaces where new memories will be made for years to come and projects we can look back on with pride, this is why we come into work each morning.

Be Humble

No matter how skilled we feel we are in this field, We strive each and every day to remember that there is something we haven't learned yet. We are not afraid to admit if there is a gap in our knowledge, and eagerly seek to learn any new methods that will improve our ability to fulfill our customers vision.

Be Appreciative

We are always appreciative of the opportunity to work with each one of our customers. We value the chance we receive to help make your dream landscape come to life, and to know that we were part of making that happy memory.

A Little Bit About Our Expert Team

If you're going to trust us to come to your home and bring your dream outdoor living space to life, it never hurts to know a little bit about us! Below you'll find a little information about some of our key team members.



After over 15 years in the industry, and more than 10 of those as an owner, Michael has a wide range of experience in all aspects of the job. Whether it be irrigation, hardscapes, softscapes, or poolscapes, he has pursued this career with passion and dedication. When outside of work, Michael enjoys surfing, snowboarding, spending time with friends and family, and most of all getting out on the golf course.


Softscapes Project Manager

With a softscape and horticulture background, Alyssa enjoys coming into each new job to see what new projects we have, that will let her dig her hands into the earth! She loves getting outdoors as well as having a passion for baking. She enjoys pushing herself in her personal life as well as at work, and does so by running in marathons to test the limits of her endurance and fitness. 


Office Manager

A detail oriented person with over 12 years office management experience, Rick enjoys keeping office operations organized and running smoothly. In his off time Rick enjoys reading, photography, and being outdoors with his dog Persy, a beagle-shorthaired pointer mix. 


Marketing & Advertising

Bryann married into the landscape industry, and she brought with her an extensive background in marketing and advertising. When she's outside the workplace she spends time with Michael's and hers two daughters, Brielle who is active in dance, and a little girl who will be arriving in May of 2024! When she gets time to herself she enjoys being out on the water and indulging in her love for reading.


Hardscapes Project Manager

With 10 years of experience in both hardscapes and softscapes, David has a wealth of knowledge and experience to pull from when on the job site. For David, it's watching and being part of the transformation of a client's property that keeps him coming back for more. When not at work he loves going home to spend time with his wife and kids, or getting outside and spending time at his cabin.


Shop Manager

With over ten years experience in the business, Jeff has knowledge from a wide array of projects to contribute to any job. He has been with the company since day one. He enjoys staying busy even when outside of work, serving as a volunteer firefighter, spending time with his family, playing in a band, and just heading out into the outdoors to enjoy nature. 


We only work with the best, and we're proud of the people we work with to provide you the best materials, and the best backyard escape! Here are some of the folks we trust to help us bring your dream to life.

Wisconsin Builders Association
Wisconsin Green Industry Federation
Chippewa Falls Chamber of Commerce
Eau Claire Chamber of Commerce
National Association of Landscape Professionals
Home Advisor Top Rated
Hudson Area Chamber of Commerce
St. Croix Valley Home Builders Association
National Association of Home Builders

Our Landscaping Services

Our Backyard Escape offers a diverse portfolio of landscaping services, and we maintain the highest of standards. Our commitment to Transparency, Efficiency, and Professionalism are bedrock values, and we will bring them to your project.


Let's Get Your Project Started!

We're committed to providing you an unparalleled level of professionalism and transparency while we're crafting your dream outdoor living space. Contact us now for a bid so we can get started!

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