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When a customer comes to us for the first time, on average they've never done a major landscaping project before. Often they feel overwhelmed, and are trying to know more about the project than they can reasonably be expected to, because they are afraid of missing something or looking uninformed. Our Backyard Escape doesn't want any customer to ever feel like they need to hold the burden of knowing how every aspect of their job should work. That's our job. 

Our Backyard Escape is committed to being transparent, efficient, and professional in our dealings with every client. We want you to feel comfortable and confident that we will handle everything. We do this through a number of methods, from good communication and transparency on the process, to professional behavior and efficient methods. From design to installation, we want you to know what's happening with your project and to be free of worry or stress throughout the process.

pressed concrete path hardscape

Our Backyard Escape's
Landscaping Process

Choosing a Landscaping contractor is a big choice. You have to give a lot of trust to the company you select, and you have expectations for what that trust should give you in return. You expect professionalism, integrity, and expertise in anyone you hire to take on such an important job for you. At Our Backyard Escape we provide all of that and go beyond to offer friendly service, and transparency at every step of the way so you're always informed on what is happening on your project. We don't want to come onto your job and bully you into doing it our way, we want to work with you in an open, collaborative team to achieve your dream landscape.

As you read this overview of how our landscaping process works, you will also see what services we offer, how we carry out those services, and if we're the right partner for you in your landscaping project.

Step 1: Consultation

Step 1 of any landscaping project is the consultation. Come to this meeting with your vision and desires for the project clearly in your mind. What's important with this meeting is for us to get a clear picture of what you want to accomplish and how you want it to look. So don't be afraid to bring magazine clippings, a pinterest board, or anything else that will help you communicate to us exactly what you want out of this project. Remember, we're designing and building this space for you, but we can't know what you're thinking about for this project unless you tell us! We're there to catch a glimpse of your vision for your dream project so that we can give you feedback on the nuts and bolts of how we make it real. We'll give you input on the aesthetics, functionality, and budget for your project as we discuss how you envision your project fitting into your outdoor living space and give you the benefit of our years experience accomplishing similar projects. 

The on-site consultation will, on average, take about an hour spent with one of our experienced landscape team members. This is the time for you to ask as many questions as you can. This will let you get a feel for how we work, what we think we can make of your vision, and get answers to things like permits or pricing. We will do our best to answer any and every question on site in the consultation, but if there are any questions we need to look into back at the office, we will be ready with the answer at our next meeting. 

During the consultation we will also get an idea of what your budget for this landscaping project is. Our goal is to get a feel for the scope, needs, wants, and budget for the project in this meeting so that we can create an estimate to reflect the final cost of the project as accurately as possible. You can also bring us site plans to help us with giving you a more accurate estimate. 

After the consultation, you can expect a return bid which will contain an itemized pricing list for the different design elements, structural elements, and plant life we discussed during the consultation. 

natural rock retaining wall hardscape

Step 2: Return Bid

Discussing the return bid is the next step in Our Backyard Escape's Landscaping process. The return bid is a document that can at any time be changed or shifted based on the clients wants and needs, as well as changes in material costs, etc. 

The purpose of this bid, and the discussion we'll have to go over it, is to explain to you the vision we've tentatively made based on our understanding of what you described to us in our initial consult. This is your chance to see if we seem to be on the same page or if wires got crossed somewhere and we've wandered off into left field! While this bid is not set in stone, we will have made decisions on materials based on what we believe will be best in the space, and to give you a more accurate estimate.

This part of the process will entail us discussing each line item in the return bid and discussing with you why it was chosen, the costs associated with that choice, and answering any questions, concerns, or alternate ideas you might have after looking at our bid.

Step 3: Project Design

After our return bid meeting, once you've decided that you believe in our plans and trust us to be the ones to bring your vision to life, we will meet one more time to sign a design contract with one of our designers.

Once the contract is signed we'll take everything we have talked about, the information in the return bid and our insights from the initial walkthrough, to really begin developing a concrete concept for your landscaping project. On average this phase of the process can take 6-8 weeks. During this time we are not idle, our design team will be drafting up plans and visuals to help our landscaping teams fulfill your vision. Our designer will be taking everything we've discussed into account, from grass, shrubs and trees to pools, fire features, hardscaping, structures, and any other features you may have chosen, to bring the vision into reality. 

2D design

Step 4: Finalize Project Design

When our designer has completed their task we will get in touch again so we can deliver the final landscaping design plan. This plan will include every specific request that was discussed in the prior steps of the process and will have detailed information and specs for every element of the design plan. It will also inform the final budget which we will discuss, along with the next steps of the process, in this meeting. 

Step 5: Begin Construction

Your dream landscape has been translated into a vision our team can see, the documents have been finalized, now we can get down to scheduling and construction! On average this will involve one more meeting between you and our designer and the project manager for your project so that we can answer any further questions and agree upon an appropriate timeline for your project. 

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Let's Work Together On Your Next Landscaping Project

Selecting the right landscaping contractor for your premium landscaping project is essential. Our Backyard Escape is your premier choice for the Chippewa Valley, St. Croix Valley and beyond. We have over a decade of experience dealing with the challenges presented by Wisconsin weather and its seasons. We know the soil, what's needed to winterize your project, the local laws and legal requirements. More than all of that though, we are a landscaper you can trust to put a premium on transparency, professionalism, and efficiency. We are dedicated to providing a top tier, beautiful finished product to a customer who is happy not only with the end result, but the process all along the way. 

Our Backyard Escape wants to be part of your next dream landscaping project. We are the perfect partner for you, with our passion for landscaping and dedication to top quality work, we will not only finish your project but will make your dream outdoor living space come to life before your very eyes. We take pride in our work and do not accept substandard work or materials, when we finish your project it is with the intention that you will be able to enjoy your new landscape for years to come. 

For more information, or to set up your consultation, contact us today. Simply fill out our contact form and we will get a consultation date set with you right away so we can start discussing your landscaping needs.

Let's Get Started!

We're committed to providing you an unparalleled level of professionalism and transparency while we're crafting your dream outdoor living space. Contact us now for a bid so we can get started!

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