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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need To Be At Home When The Work Begins?

Only if you want to. Our Client Portal gives you pictures of what we are doing and informs you of our arrival and departure times!

If I have Questions About My Project, Should I Talk To The Work Crew?

You can send a question to us via the customer portal, but our Team Foreman on your site is also able to answer any questions you might have about what is being done. 

Can I Increase the Scope Of Work On A Project After It Has Begun?

Yes. We are happy to create a change order and adjust the project if you realize there is something you wish to add to it. 

What About My Underground Utilities?

We contact Diggers Hotline to mark underground utilities before work begins.

How Long Will It Take For You To Provide My Service? 

The length of your project will vary depending on size and complexity. We will give you an estimated length when we present you with our design and plan for your project.

Is Your Company Insured?


How Is Our Backyard Escape Different Than Other Landscaping Companies?

We are a full service luxury landscaping contractor, which means we can handle your job from beginning to end no matter what you want. Our services include everything from fire features to pools, pergolas to natural rock walls, outdoor kitchens to perfectly balanced tree and garden landscapes. We do it all, and we make it all look fantastic!

What If I Already Have Landscape Plans?

We'd love to see any plans you already have. We will go over them and discuss them with you to see if there any adjustments you want to make and how best we can implement your landscaping plan. Our prime priority when working on your landscaping plan is helping to make your vision come to life for your budget.

What Are Your Payment Terms?

Our payment schedule is designed to support your project, with one payment due when the project is scheduled, one payment when installation begins, one payment at installation midpoint, and the last payment when the project is complete.

How Well Do You Stay Within The Budget We Set? 

Part of what makes us a premier landscaping company is our knowledge of, and creativity with, materials to help keep our clients inside their budgets. We have worked with a wide variety of different materials and designs, which means our team excels at keeping the scope of your project intact while still delivering our top tier landscaping craftsmanship. Our Customer Portal also helps us maintain transparency and let you see where we are with your budget and expenses on the job. 

Do You Work With Subcontractors And Guarantee Work?

Due to the depth and breadth of our own experience and expertise in landscaping, we don't need to bring subcontractors onto our jobs very often. When we are forced to go to a subcontractor though, we keep a tight network of trusted partners whose work we have seen firsthand and whose work ethic we can stand behind. Our Backyard Escape will always warranty a product install to the full warranty given by the subcontractor or supplier. 

Do You Have A Customer Service Team?

Absolutely! Our dedicated team is ready and able to answer whatever questions you might have. Please reach out to us by phone at

(715)-598-3818, or for more information send us an online contact form from the Contact Us page. 

Do You Have More Landscaping Questions We Haven't Covered? Contact A Pro

Our Backyard Escape would love to design and build your dream outdoor living space. If you have any questions about specific services, design elements or how we might be able to help you, please contact us today. We're ready to answer any landscaping questions you might have and look forward to making your landscaping wish list into a fully realized backyard oasis. 

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