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Landscape Structures Services Overview

If you find the thought of designing and installing a landscape structure daunting, you aren't alone. Many homeowners feel intimidated by the thought of tackling that sort of project solo. An outdoor project is a big investment, and the last thing you want is to make a mistake that is not easily corrected. 

Luckily, Our Backyard Escape is here to lend you our expertise. Landscaping Structure design and installation is one of our favorite services to offer because of the diverse array of structures there are to design and install, and the chance to bring out our creativity to help design beautiful spaces perfectly accented with just the right structure. Whether we're talking about a new patio with built in fire pit and benches with a pergola overhanging to give shade, or a new playground area for the kids, we to take your vision and needs and combine them with our expertise and passion to craft the perfect addition to your outdoor living space! 

outdoor fireplace

What To Expect With Our Landscaping Structures Services

You have a vision for your backyard, ways to add beauty and functionality to your outdoor living space, whether it's a pergola with a custom fireplace, or raised garden beds with custom pavers leading between the boxes. A lot of landscape professionals will do the bare minimum required to meet your requirements. We will take those basic ideas and then try to craft something beautiful and functional to match your dream to reality. 

  • We use innovative designs and years of experience in the field to take your raw idea and craft it into a refined and beautiful reality. Trust us to think of your entire outdoor space and think of how each facet fits into the whole. 

  • Regardless of what structure you're looking to add to your space, we use only the highest quality materials. Our years of experience helps us to pick the right supplier for the right material for your project. 

  • Enjoy a beautiful outdoor living space stress free. Our years of experience gives us the perspective and knowledge needed to let us avoid big issues that can come up in the process of creating stunning outdoor structures. You can avoid the stress of calculating the needed amount of deck materials or how deep a trench needs to be to hold a rock wall, we know the answers to those questions and handle all of that for you. 

Benefits Of Our Backyard Escape Structures Service

You might look at a patio, pergola, retaining wall or playground and think "It can't be that hard." and we understand the feeling. Take it from us though, there is so much just under the surface of these projects that can spring up to surprise you once you've gotten started! When you hire us, you have someone to help you down the trail and show you the pitfalls before they ruin your project!

  • Avoid spending hours trying to determine what wood works best for your deck or pergola, or researching how deep to dig trenches for your deck. We know how to figure all of this out quickly and can handle it so you can focus on showing us how you want your project to look.

  • There are many factors someone who hasn't taken on this kind of project before just won't know about. We have an expertise grown from over a decade of experience that lets us avoid these pitfalls and take the shortcuts we've learned to the most efficient and effective building methods.

  • You get to enjoy the benefits of our experience and have your structure designed and built without the headaches and pitfalls that would normally plague such a project. Your yard can be the envy of the neighborhood without you needing to ever lift a finger.

Request A Bid For Our Landscaping Structures Services

At Our Backyard Escape, our top priority is client satisfaction. We're proud to serve you and of the work we do. We want to help give you the custom playground or patio with an outdoor kitchen of your dreams! Contact us today for a bid to get your dream outdoor living space started!

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