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Shrubs, Plants, and Trees Portfolio

The living components of your landscaping plan will present the most challenging element, but also can be the most stunning part of your yard. Shrubs in particular can be a challenging piece of plant life. While an absence of shrubs can leave a yard looking barren and boring, the presence of shrubs does not necessarily steal the show from other features. Shrubs are superb at filling empty space and framing more prominent landscape features. When we design your landscape we factor in how much light an area receives in a year, how much maintenance a shrub will need, how the shrub blooms and if it undergoes a color change in the fall. Our years of experience and artistic eye will help us guide you through the design process to arrive at the perfect outdoor living space. 

garden bed with flowers, shrubs and mulch
shrubs in mulched garden bed along front of house
waterfall water feature with flowers and shrubs integrated.
natural rock water feature surrounded by shrubs and flowers
natural rock retaining wall with waterfall and pond with trees and shrubs along top
garden patio with natural stone pavers surrounded by flowers and shrubbery.
patio with firepit above terraced natural stone walled garden with mulch and flowers
river water feature with shrubs and flowers
shrubs and trees planted along drive and front walkway
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