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Rock Walls Landscaping Services Overview

A rock wall feature is a major project, and one that can be daunting to a homeowner contemplating tackling the job on their own. Just the design of the wall, with the need to plan where it will be and what needs excavated, what height to level to, can be an intimidating concept. Then you have to actually build it! Our Backyard Escape is here to take all of that worry off your plate, whether you need a retaining wall or a cosmetic rock wall backdrop for your pool or patio, we're the only choice for the job! We have years of experience in this field and know that a good rock wall not only needs someone skilled at installation, but with experience factoring in all the facets of the job, like drainage, leveling, anchoring, backfill, and trench depth. Our Backyard Escape can take out the guesswork and the heavy lifting from your project. Let us handle the design and installation of your rock wall so you can enjoy the benefits without the backbreaking labor!

natural rock wall waterfall water feature

Features Of Our Rock Wall Landscaping Services 

We're aware we aren't the only landscaping company in the market capable of putting in a rock wall, but we also know that no other company will work as hard as we will to ensure that we bring your vision for your perfect outdoor living space to life in an efficient, transparent, and professional manner. 

  • While anyone can claim to install rock walls, Our Backyard Escape has experience actually doing it. Our passion for delivering our customers the outdoor living space of their dreams drives us to provide excellent service from the design phase to the placement of the last stone of your wall. 

  • When you're building a rock wall you need planning, preparation, and careful engineering in your design. Our expertise in this field will save you time, money, and headaches. 

  • We know rock walls, because we've built them! From aesthetic staggered rock walls to high retaining walls cut into a hillside to level out a landscape for a pool, we've seen and done it all and will bring our skills to bear to ensure your project goes without a hitch, and results in a beautiful rock wall. 

  • Each rock wall project is unique to you the client and is designed with your vision in mind, we promise you that we will tailor your rock wall project as close as possible to your vision, and that you won't have to endure the backache from installing it yourself! 

Benefits Of Our Rock Wall Landscaping Service

When we say that we excel at the design and installation of rock walls, we do not do so carelessly. We have years of experience and will help you attain that dream outdoor space you deserve with a minimum of effort on your part to spare you the headache that often comes from this sort of project. Once we've installed your rock wall, you'll find yourself finding reasons to wander into your yard to enjoy your new addition. 

  • When you choose Our Backyard Escape for your rock wall installation, you get our toolbox full of ideas and expertise that will beautify your yard, and simplify your life. 

  • We offer a variety of services of which rock walls is only one. This means we can look at your property and see the big picture to help you plan for your dream landscape so it is ready for this project, and the ones waiting down the road. Whether you are looking to overhaul your entire outdoor living space, or just add a single wall as an aesthetic feature, we will use our years of experience and passionate approach to landscaping to design you the perfect rock wall for your space.

  • When you hire Our Backyard Escape you take the guesswork out of your design and the backache out of your installation. You won't need to worry about the structural integrity of your rock wall when we finish the job, because we will ensure that it is well planned, beautiful, and safe enough that we would let our own children play on and around it. This isn't just your yard, it's your oasis, a place for you and your family to relax and be carefree, so we ensure you can do just that. 

  • Our clients constantly tell us they love working with our team because of our transparency, professionalism, and efficiency. 

Request A Bid For Our Rock Wall Landscaping Services

You're ready to get your rock wall designed and built, and we're ready to bring our experience and passion to bear to make your dream landscape a reality! We want to help you achieve your perfect outdoor landscape without the exhaustion and overwhelming task of designing and installing it by yourself. We're ready and waiting to help you enjoy your yard to the fullest, contact us today for a bid so we can get your project started. 

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