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Pool Design And Installation

For many, having a pool in your yard is a dream feature for their ideal backyard oasis. Too often, people will dream and ponder the possibility of a pool, but never take that first step because of the seeming insurmountable hurdles of planning, designing, and acquiring permits. That's what Our Backyard Escape is here for. We will handle all of the details and find the ways around those obstacles while leaving you free to focus on describing what you want, without worrying about how it will be achieved! 

pool with scenic view and pergola seating area

Pool Design And Installation Features

Our Backyard Escape prides itself on providing tailored landscaping designs when approaching a pool installation or renovation project. When you choose us, you are choosing quality service from a dedicated team that will oversee every step of the process, some of our key benefits are: 

  • Unique Pool Designs - Every project is different, your home's aesthetic and the lay of the land need to be accounted for when deciding on the best design for your pool! We'll ensure a quality design which factors all of that in as well as attending to finding what permits are needed for any pieces of your project we design. 

  • Trees and Shrubs - No backyard oasis is complete without some greenery to give it just the right feel. We will help you choose the right trees and greenery to surround your pool with to ensure the look and feel you want that fits with the lifestyle you hope to enjoy with your pool. 

  • Efficient Implementation - A pool is meant to be relaxing, a luxurious addition to your landscape for you to enjoy. No one wants to have to call their landscapers back because something was not done right the first time or they dragged their feet and stretched out the project. We pride ourselves on getting it done right, and getting it done efficiently. 

Benefits of Pool Design, Installation, And Landscaping

Choosing which path to take in a monumental project like pool design and installation is not a simple task. Rest assured that with Our Backyard Escape you have a company who knows the ins and outs of pool installation and our expert team will ensure that the path we blaze is straight and true. 

  • Our Backyard Escape provides you with an experienced team who have a deep pride and passion for their work. We know the best materials to use, how to design for usability and flow, and the practical side of how to install your pool. We excel at crafting a functional, beautiful living space around your pool. 

  • We understand Wisconsin and its fickle weather. The terrain and climate present their own challenges, and we know how to build with those factors in mind. 

  • Our Backyard Escape customers hire us for Pool Design/Installation and Landscaping because we excel at our craft. More than that though, they come to us because they want a luxurious personal oasis in their backyard and trust us to elevate their property with our design and work. 

Poolscape Features

Whether you're looking to renovate an existing pool or you're just starting the design phase of a new pool, let Our Backyard Escape help you with the process. We are committed to providing unparalleled excellence and professionalism as we craft beautiful, livable outdoor spaces.

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