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Pergolas Portfolio

A Pergola might look like a simple idea to bring to life, but that is just the deceptive grace of one of our favorite projects trying to trick you! There are a variety of details that need to be considered before construction begins on such a project, what style of pergola, what is the functionality of the space it will cover, what materials will we be using, what plants and vegetation will be incorporated into its design and will surround it, and much more. It can be a daunting task for an amateur builder to tackle, and that's why Our Backyard Escape is here to help. We love pergolas and will bring our passion for this feature to your project and ensure your backyard oasis gets the perfect pergola to fit your vision. 

Pergola over stone paver seating area with build in block stone table
pergola over outdoor kitchen beside pool
pergola over paver patio
pergola over outdoor kitchen
pergola with outdoor lighting
pergola on paver patio with block stone walls
pergola on paver patio seating area beside pool
pergola over patio
pergola over paver patio and table beside pool
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