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Pergolas Services Overview

Pergolas are one of our favorite projects to undertake. There is a romance to their structure and a marvelous diversity of function to the spaces you can cover with them. From a poolside lounge area to an open dining area for your friends and family, or even a cozy and secluded outdoor library, all of these can enhance your dream outdoor living space. Yet, with all that beauty and diversity there is also an increased complexity to such a project that you want to ensure is completed correctly the first time around. Our Backyard Escape knows how to pair the comforts of indoors with the natural surroundings of your property to help us ensure optimal design and livability. Always first in our priorities is you, your dream, your vision, for this space. We want to make something that will please you on the aesthetic level while also reflecting your personality and fulfilling your lifestyle needs so that when we reach the end of the project, you feel that what you imagined has been brought forth into reality in every detail. 

poolscape with outdoor kitchen, pergola, pool, paver patio

Our Pergola Design and Install Services

There are a lot of details involved in planning out the addition of a pergola to your home. What style, the functionality of the space, what materials will you use to build it, what plants and vegetation will you use? It can add up quickly to more than one might expect. Our Backyard Escape can lift much of that worry from your shoulders and guide you to the best choices for your vision and lifestyle. 

  • The manner and methods for incorporating a pergola into your property are numerous and manyfold. Should it be free standing or attached? Latticed or gabled? Small or large scale, the traditional four legs or cantilevered? What is the function of the space? Shade and comfort, space defining, enhancing an existing outdoor space? If we go deeper into the fine details, what do you want for fabric paneling or curtains? Will there be lighting of any kind? Slatted slats, clear covers, thatched roof, plants to vine and trail across it? Do you add a fire pit, should it have a cooking area, maybe be poolside? Whatever you might have in mind, Our Backyard Escape knows there are limitless options and is here to help you find the right choices to realize your dream backyard oasis. 

  • Our Backyard Escape knows that finalizing the design helps determine what materials you will use. There are many choices, and we'll help you decide what works best for your vision. Whether it's the timeless and traditional choice of wood, or a more modern choice like fiberglass, vinyl, or metal for a more modern aesthetic. 

  • An important part of any structure construction is ensuring appropriate permits and licenses have been acquired and that building codes and zoning laws are adhered to. Often approaching the legalese quagmire of permits and licenses can discourage a home owner from attempting an addition to their property, but Our Backyard Escape can handle this headache for you and keep the project moving forward without bogging down.

Benefits Of Our Backyard Escape Pergolas Services

Attaining that dreamed of outdoor nook can be overwhelming to attempt on your own. By using Our Backyard Escape you circumvent that headache by letting our experts handle the heavy lifting while you focus on communicating your vision for the space to us.

  • We take care of the red tape, zoning and building codes, and can produce a customized design for your pergola addition so you can visualize the end result before we even start. 

  • Our Backyard Escape has been in business for over a decade in the Chippewa Valley so we know what Wisconsin weather can do to construction projects and we know what works and what doesn't for our climate. We know luxury design and how to create a unique to you space for you to enjoy for years. 

  • If your goal is a unique design, flawless installation, and a timeless finished project, then Our Backyard Escape is the company for you. 

Request A Bid For Our Pergolas Services

Pergolas offer an unparalleled sanctuary and extend your homes functional space. They are the ideal addition to many properties and Our Backyard Escape is passionate about their design and construction. Contact us today to request a bid to get started on that idyllic sanctuary you've always wanted in your backyard. 

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