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2D & 3D Design

2D & 3D Design Services Overview

When designing your perfect outdoor escape, it can be a challenge to translate your ideas and dreams into something the other person can visualize. This is where our design services can help. With these tools we can show you what we will do and how your yard will look before we start digging in the dirt, and it lets you tell us if what we have designed fits your vision before we've started! 

2D design

Features Of Our 2D & 3D Design Services 

Our Backyard Escape uses design tools to ensure accurate work that fits your vision. We go beyond a basic map to offer both 2D and 3D design examples to help you visualize what your yard will look like.  

  • Our design helps to ensure our crews get it right the first time, with a design that not only shows where paving blocks and retaining walls should go, but how deep to dig so that the end result rests at the desired height and depth.

  • With a 3D model of your finished yard you can see before we plant if the trees and flower beds will be placed to their best use, or if there are changes that can be made to enhance the feel of your yard. 

Benefits Of Our 2D & 3D Design Service

The benefits of proper design work can often be overlooked, but not by us! It not only helps you the customer to see what we plan to do, but it also helps our crew to deliver consistent, accurate work. With measured dimensions and layouts to show them what needs done and in what place, we are able to deliver a finished outdoor oasis that fulfills your vision and beyond. 

  • Our Backyard Escape's design service takes the guess work out of your project. Not only do our crews know the depths to dig to and the dimensions to build out to, but you know ahead of time what we are going to do and how it will look! 

  • Design work makes it simpler for you to show us what your vision for your space is, rather than scribbling on a napkin or trying to describe what you want or how you wish to change something, you can point to it on our design and show where you want it moved, what you want taken out, or any other adjustments you feel necessary. 

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You're ready to get your perfect outdoor space designed and installed, and we're ready to bring our experience and passion to bear to make your dream landscape a reality! We want to help you achieve your perfect outdoor landscape without the exhaustion and overwhelming task of designing and installing it by yourself. We're ready and waiting to help you enjoy your yard to the fullest, contact us today for a bid so we can get your project started. 

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