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Our Backyard Escape Landscaping Design And Installation Services

At Our Backyard Escape we are dedicated to providing only the best in landscaping design and installation services. As a full-service landscaping company, it is vital to us to develop and maintain top-tier expertise in every aspect of premium landscaping. From the first steps of drafting beautiful landscape designs and plans drawn from your vision, to maintaining seamless and transparent communication between the customer and ourselves, to creative budgeting solutions and impeccable landscape installation, Our Backyard Escape has everything required to bring your dream landscape to life in ways you never thought possible. We can handle everything, from pools and water features, to shrubbery and trees, and to rock walls and patios, all these and more are options we know how to install and incorporate into the aesthetics of your design! 

stream waterscape with flower and shrub softscape

The Our Backyard Escape Difference

When you choose Our Backyard Escape Landscaping design and installation services, you are choosing a company that sees you as a partner in this process. We know that your own personal vision and dream for your property is important, so we won't try to convince you to take a standard design or to abandon your vision. Our goal is to take your vision and create a design that comes as close to that vision as we can realistically manage within the boundaries of your property and its obstacles. We will be completely transparent with you and tell you what hurdles we perceive, but we'll also tell you if there is a way around that obstacle to achieve what you want.

Whether you're seeking a traditional bit of backyard landscaping or have a purely unique project in mind, partnering with Our Backyard Escape means every step of the process, from installing masonry to pergolas and even floral garden layouts, will all be fulfilled with a maximum of professionalism and transparency. 

To put it simply, we do this work not just because it pays, we do this because we are passionate about the work and value the ability to look back at completed projects and feel pride in what we built. We will fuss and worry about the right way to do the tasks required to build your landscape, but you can rest easy knowing that we will do all the worrying for you, because we want your finished landscape to be something we can be proud of, and that you will treasure for years to come.

Why Choose Our Backyard Escape?

Why should you choose us? What will partnering with us for your Landscaping Design and Installation look like? If we were to boil it down, you'll experience the following and more:

  • Open and friendly communication with our team, both in the office and in the field.

  • A creative and collaborative planning process.

  • A Transparent system for tracking your project from the budget to daily progress.

  • Creative solutions to the unique challenges, guidelines and budget parameters of your project.

  • High-level expertise in all aspects of landscape and hardscape design services.

  • The highest industry standards for landscape installation.

  • A Seamless transition from the planning phase to installation.

  • Complete confidence that you've chosen the best landscape company for your project.

We Have the Equipment to Get the Job Done!

Our Backyard Escape has the tools needed to complete your job! From beginning to end our team is there to make sure each step of your Landscape Installation is completed in a professional, efficient manner.

excavation Cat

We can provide a plethora of options to fit your needs

When it comes to realizing your vision for your outdoor oasis, we have the ability to help with a wide variety of options, including;

-Draining Systems

-Water Features (Ponds, Waterfalls, Fountains)


-Fire Pits and Fire Places

-Excavation and Hauling

-Grading and Leveling

-Decorative Rock and Sand

-Design and Installation of Plants, Gardens, and Trees

-Seed and Sod Installation

-New Yard Construction

-Hardscapes and Softscapes

-Retaining Walls

-Plus More! 


Are You Ready To Create Your Dream Yard?

Your yard can be so much more than just an open space. Its design can compliment the architecture of your home, grant you a quiet oasis, or the perfect party platform. Whatever purpose best suits your space, Our Backyard Escape has the experience and materials to make it come to life with a design unique to your property. Everything we build is designed to last and to fulfill your vision for your space. 

So Request a bid today and take the first step to realizing your dream landscape.

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