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Backyard Landscaping Portfolio

When you see a home with a beautiful backyard that perfectly blends with the aesthetics of the house and the surrounding geography, this is not the result of lucky happenstance. That sort of beauty and elegance comes from careful attention to detail and expert planning and installation by a landscaping company. Our Backyard Escape loves designing and installing landscapes custom tailored to our customers vision that let us bring their dream to life. Our expert team is ready to tackle the myriad tasks involved in a project and considering all the factors in deciding what plant or feature should go where. Things like lighting, geography, maintenance, and use of space. Not to mention the more artistic factors like which plants, colors, or materials we will use. We can expertly advise you on the best choices to meet your budget and your vision. Whether it's a wide-open yard for playing catch and a large firepit with seating for roasting marshmallows, or a stunning flower garden with a pergola reading nook and relaxing water features, or maybe an outdoor fireplace and hot tub for a relaxing end of the day space, all these and more are well within the scope of our teams abilities to create with top tier quality. 

an outdoor fireplace hardscape
patio with pavers
garden paver patio with softscapes
softscapes with waterfall waterfeature
paver patio hardscape
outdoor fireplace with patio and stone wall
outdoor grill on paver patio
natural stone wall and stairs
softscapes waterfall and stream water feature
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